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Visit our Moxy Certified Training Center for services that will improve your athletic performance.

Australia's first Moxy Certified Training Center

Using new non-invasive Biometric technology, we can now look at the oxygen levels in the muscle capillary. After running you through a series of tests, we can then map your physiological characteristics to design a Personalised Warm-up Program that is specifically tailored to how your body performs.

To improve your performance, you also need to be addressing your physiological limitations -- the mechanical, physical, and biochemical boundaries and restrictions of your body. We have two Performance Tests:

  • The 5-1-5 Test steps you through increasing power zones with 5 minutes on and 1 minute recovery until failure. By studying how your body responds and recovers, we are able to make recommendations on more effective ways to train.
  • Our FTP Test can target your training to improve your limitations and make faster improvements in your performance. We not only see your power and training zones, but also gain insight into your physiological limitations.

We also provide services for calculating your race time with pace notes or given a goal,  what power you need to produce to be able to reach that goal. Coupled with a Smart Trainer, we can do a simulation of the course along with your power, weight, bike and aero profile. 

And if it all your devices seem too complicated to set up or you don't understand the data the devices provide, let our Gear Guru help.

Personalised Warm-up Program $299.00
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5-1-5 Physiology Limiter Test $175.00
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FTP Test $175.00
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Course Pace Notes with Predictive Times $150.00
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Course Simulation $150.00
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Education & Training $150.00
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Gear Guru $150.00
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Leasing $149.00
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