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FTP Test

We differ from the Standard FTP Test, because we also monitor your physiology -- not to see when you fail -- but why you fail.  

Do your legs run out of gas because you can't pump enough blood? Can't deliver the O2? Can't make use of the available O2?  

We can help you target your training to improve what is described as your Physiological  Limiters and make greater improvements in your performance by analysing your power, training zones and gaining insight into your Limiters.

After our FTP Test you and your Coach can design a program to address your Limiters and increase your performance more effectively.

If you have a good idea on your FTP already, you may want to try the 5-1-5 test that is designed to offer even better insight into your Physiological Limiters.

Ideally, you want to run the FTP Test immediately after your Personalised Warm-up Program.

The Test takes approximately one hour.

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