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Understand your Physiological Limiters to Make more Effective Training Decisions

To improve your performance, you need to be addressing your physiological limitations -- the mechanical, physical, and biochemical boundaries and restrictions of your body.

A "Limiter"  describes the physiological system that first reaches its functional limit as exercise load or duration is increased. The "Compensator" is another system that picks up the slack from the Limiter . For instance, if you are respiratory limited, meaning you lack sufficient oxygen for the muscle to generate adequate aerobic output, you will have to utilise your anaerobic respiration resources to compensate. 

To better understand your Limiters and start training to improve that system, consider taking these Tests:

  • Our Enhanced FTP  Test with Physiological Monitoring allows you to see not only when you fail but why you fail.
  • The 5-1-5 Test is specifically designed to evaluate your Physiological Limiters to gain a better understanding on how best to tailor your training.

  • Add either Test to your Personalised Warm-up Program for a reduced fee.

    Personalised Warm-up Program $299.00
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    5-1-5 Physiology Limiter Test $175.00
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    FTP Test $175.00
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