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About Us

CB Squared is an innovative Sports Engineering company. We are the first company to specialise in creating Personalised Warm-up Programs using new Biometric technology.

For years we have been testing athletic performance. Previously we ran athletes through a standard warm-up program or they came with their own, but we noticed significant differences in warm-up routines and results, so we started tracking these results.

We observed a few trends:

  • Most warm-ups were ineffective and some were even counter productive.
  • The warm-up affects performance.
  • A warm-up that works for one person often is completely ineffective for another.
  • Warm-up duration varies greatly from person to person.
  • Practicing the warm-up makes a big difference in racing performance.

We came up with simple tests and procedures that we now run on cyclists, runners and rowers that give us enough information to provide personalised, more effective Warm-up Programs.

In addition to offering Personalised Warm-up Programs, we provide:

  • Physiology Performance Testing (5-1-5, FTP)
  • Course Simulation and Predictive Times with Pace Notes
  • Configuration of Sports Devices

We are here to assist Coaches and all levels of athletes to gain the most useful, relevant data, and to incorporate this into their training routines to achieve higher performance.

Chris Blomfield-Brown

Founder, Engineer, Gear Guru

Chris Blomfield-Brown winning race

Chris loves this stuff.  He has been a Performance Engineer for most of his life, he just changes the context.

For the past 15 years he has been involved with motor racing.  "We are always looking for the edge over the competition and unless you are going forward you're going backwards".  Chris started using Biometrics in Motorsport to effectively find an edge over the competitors.

He saw what was happening in competitive cycling and other sports, and realised what he had been doing for years in Motorsport could be applied to many other sports. And thus CB Squared was expanded to include cycling, running and rowing.

Chris is also a competitive cyclist. Now over 50, he still manages to race in A-grade and give the younger riders a challenge. Chris will represent Australia again at the World Amateur Championships in France later this year.

Prior to his Sports Engineering/Performance Engineering career, Chris worked as a software engineer for his own company and several others including Microsoft.


Geraldine Blomfield-Brown with CB Squared

Geraldine Blomfield-Brown

Administrative Support and International Consultant 

Fluent in English, French, Spanish and a good command of Italian and Japanese, Geraldine is key to international operations.

She provides all the crucial day-to-day support and the team's inspiration: she was 4th in the UCI World Amateur Road Race in Perth in 2016. Geraldine recently competed at the Australian Open Nationals and will be representing Australia again in the UCI World Amateur Cycling Championships in 2017.


Sally Fitzpatrick

Business Consultant






Sally Fitzpatrick with CB Squared


A native Coloradoan who has been combining technology and fitness into a career in Australia for over 15 years. She previously worked with technology start-ups in the US with a client base that included HP, EMC2, Dell, GE, Lawson Software, West Publishing and partners Accenture & Deloitte Consulting.

With her business experience, she brings great insight and practicality to our organisation.



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