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Advanced Biometric Technology

Biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human body characteristics. 

We measure Biometrics in athletes so that we can 'tune' them in much the same way we tune a vehicle. The human body reacts to different environments, situations and stresses, which can have a profound impact on a person’s reaction time, judgement and performance. 

Many of the stress factors that influence an athelete's performance can be controlled, optimised or managed to minimise the impact on performance. 

An athlete overheating or experiencing fatigue has been proven to greatly affect cognitive abilities and response times. We have also seen that high stress levels increase the probability that an athlete will make mistakes.

As the body reacts to different situations, Biometrics can identify what and where these factors occur; identification is the first step for optimisation.

Biometrics show the stressors an athlete undergoes while racing. This information can be used to tailor training programs to best prepare an athlete for the physical requirements to ensure peak performance.

Biometrics are now available for all levels of athletes. Less experienced athletes can easily identify their stress triggers and the situations where they lack confidence, and experienced athletes can compare their baseline performance and optimise their training programs. 

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CB Squared Biometric Technology

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