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Monitor and manage your training

What are your Physical Limits? A Muscle Oxygen Monitor can show you.

Athletic performance is not limited by one factor alone, but rather a complex interaction between all the physiological systems (e.g. capacity in oxygen delivery, capacity in heat storage and body temperature, capacity in the rate of ATP supply, capacity in the total energy availability), whose weighting depends on the type of event, and the external conditions for the event on the day.

Using a Muscle Oxygen Monitor (Moxy or BSXInsight), you can reach the physical level that you are trying to achieve AND stay there.

Above Threshold or Easy -- real time Muscle Oxygen Monitors let you know the state in which you are operating.

  • Identify your limits

  • Structure your training to improve your limits

  • Train to more effectively stress what is intended

  • Measure the effects and results of your training

Watch Moxy being used in a 5-1-5 Test:


Sounds great, but too complicated? Then come into our Moxy Certified Training Center -- the first in Australia/New Zealand -- and we can run the 5-1-5 Test for you. The Test steps you through increasing power zones with 5 minutes on and 1 minute recovery until failure. We will show you the results and explain how you can improve your training.

Read more about how to start training with Muscle Oxygen Monitors -- your physiological power meter -- in these Moxy Guides.


Physiological Limiter Test Services

Understand your Physiological Limiters to Make more Effective Training Decisions

To improve your performance, you need to be addressing your Physiological Limitations -- the mechanical, physical, and biochemical boundaries and restrictions of your body.

A "Limiter" describes the physiological system that first reaches its functional limit as exercise load or duration is increased. The "Compensator" is another system that picks up the slack from the Limiter. For instance, if you are respiratory limited, meaning you lack sufficient oxygen for the muscle to generate adequate aerobic output, you will have to utilise your anaerobic respiration resources to compensate. 

To better understand your Limiters and to start training to improve that system, consider taking these Tests: 

  • Our  Enhanced FTP Test with Physiological Monitoring allows you to see not only when you fail but why you fail.
  • The 5-1-5 Test is specifically designed to evaluate your Physiological Limiters to gain a better understanding on how best to tailor your training.

    Add either Test to your Personalised Warm-up Program for a reduced fee.

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