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Personalise your Warm-up for optimum performance

Do you know how long your warm-up should be?
At what intensity?
How much time to allow between your warm-up and the race?

For every athlete, the optimal warm-up will be different. To prepare for competition, you need a Personalised Warm-up Program that works best for your body, your fitness level and your goals.

Consistently achieving peak athletic performance in any sport is a difficult and often frustrating process. Whether the goal is to stand on the winner’s podium or simply to maximise your athletic potential, the correct training process is fundamental. 

Underpinning all exercise training processes and pre-race preparation is the warm-up. We've found:

  • The warm-up is a frequently overlooked and often neglected aspect of training.
  • Most warm-ups are ineffective and may even be counterproductive.
  • Not warming up adequately or warming up too aggressively will compromise your racing potential.
What's the benefit of a Personalised Warm-up Program? 

Better performance.

Have you ever been cycling or running and ten minutes into the race you think: "I’m in trouble!"  But after another ten minutes you realise: "I’m feeling pretty good now". 
We can get you to that optimal ‘feel good’ point prior to the race starting, not after the race has begun and you have lost your competitive edge. Here's how:
  • Use a Personalised Warm-up Program that is tailored to your specific physical capabilities.

  • Learn precisely how long your Warm-up should be and when to start and end your Warm-up.

  • Watch our Biometric technology as it displays and measures the activity inside your muscles so we can optimise your Warm-up more effectively.

Almost all Warm-ups can be tailored and optimised to properly prepare the cardiovascular system without overtaxing the muscles.

How is this done? We use new non-invasive technology to measure the oxygen levels (your energy source) in your muscles, and then prescribe a Personalised Warm-up Program that raises your muscle oxygen levels without causing fatigue.
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