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Warm-up Optimisation

What's the benefit of a Personalised Warm-up Program for you?  Have you ever been biking or running and ten minutes into the race you think: "I’m in trouble!" But after another ten minutes you realise: "I’m feeling pretty good now". 

Get a Personalised Warm-Up Program

We can  start you at that optimal ‘feel good’ place so you can improve your racing results.

How is this done? We use new non-invasive technology to measure the oxygen levels (your energy source) in your muscles so we can prescribe a Personalised Warm-up Program that raises your muscle oxygen levels without causing fatigue.

We show you how to prime your cardiovascular system for improved cardio performance during the race.

Research and our observations show that most warm-ups either under prepare the cardiovascular system or overtax the muscles. This means your warm-up can actually be counterproductive if done incorrectly.

Almost all warm-ups can be tailored and optimised to properly prepare the cardiovascular system without overtaxing the muscles. We were able to boost one rider's muscle oxygenation (smO2) levels from 49% to 92% (great place to start a race)! Using that same Warm-up Program for another rider would only increase his smO2 by 5%. This goes to show how important it is to test, evaluate and Personalise the Warm-up Program specifically for you. 

Because no two people are alike, no two warm-ups should be the same. You have to individualise the experience. There may be some similarities that can help form general Warm-up Profiles and Warm-up Programs, but these profiles and programs have to be tweaked. We make them right for your body, your fitness, your history and your needs.

And if you practice your Personalised Warm-up Program – a new concept to many riders -- your brain adapts and tells your muscles they need to ramp up sooner to prepare for the race; therefore, you achieve “cardio readiness” more quickly!

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