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5-1-5 Physiology Limiter Test

What is your Physiological Limiter?

To improve your performance, you need to be addressing your Physiological Limitations -- the mechanical, physical, and biochemical boundaries and restrictions of your body.

A " Limiter" describes the physiological system that first reaches its functional limit as load or duration is increased. The " Compensator" is another system that picks up the slack from the Limiter. So for instance, if your are 'respiratory limited', meaning you lack sufficient oxygen for the muscle to to generate adequate aerobic output, you will have to utilise your anaerobic resources to compensate.

Addressing your Limiter in training and improving that particular system is an effective way to quickly progress overall performance.

The 5-1-5 Test steps you through increasing power zones with 5 minutes on and 1 minute recovery until failure. We use a series of sensors positioned around your body that gather data to help us find your physiological  Limiters.Your Limiter might be cardio or respiratory (supply), neuromuscular (strength), or metabolic/cellular (extraction/utilisation and balance). 

By watching how your body responds and recovers, we are able to make recommendations on more effective ways to train.

This Test is perfect to do right after having your Personalised Warm-up Program.

It takes approximately one hour.

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