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Course Pace Notes with Predictive Times

Want to predict your next Time Trail or see what you need to do to reach a Target Time?

calculating the areo drag

We simulate the course with your data and give you pace notes for exactly what you should be doing, where and when. When you follow the notes after a proper warm-up, you can apply your efforts where they are needed most to optimise your potential. 

Here's how it works:

  • Given information about you, your power output, bike, weather conditions and course, we do a course simulation to predict your time, speed, and power levels that you can achieve.
  • We supply pace notes that tell you what power and speed you need to be doing at the different sections on the course.
  • If you have a target time you wish to achieve, we can also do the simulation to let you know what power you need to produce to be able to reach that goal.
  • We can also show you the effects weight and aero-dynamics will have on your overall time and how it affects your pace notes.
  • We can also provide the pace notes as an ERG file so you can train to it on your smart trainer.  If you can do it on the trainer, you can do it on the course.

Does it sound too complicated? For us, it's simple... So let us help you.

Price listed is per hour.

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