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Personalised Warm-up Program &
Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing

FTP provides a physiologically sound basis around which to design your power meter-based training program.

We have known for years that the exercise intensity at which lactate begins to accumulate in an athlete's blood -- called the lactate threshold (LT) -- is a powerful predictor of endurance ability. It is LT that determines the percentage of an athlete's VO2max ( maximum volume of oxygen) that can they can utilise for any given period of time.

An athlete's LT reflects the ability of their muscles to match energy supply to energy demand, which in turn determines the fuel "mix" (carbohydrate vs. fat) used and the onset of muscle fatigue.

Since the metabolic strain experienced when exercising at a given intensity is dependent upon the power output relative to power at LT, knowing your FTP can help define your training program. 

We can complete your FTP Test after your Personalised Warm-up Program for a discounted rate.

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